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  • Own a Share of a Potentially Breakthrough Company

    Find investment opportunities you believe in, and make an impact.

How It Works

    • Find a Company

      Browse our marketplace of investment opportunities across all verticals, discover an offering you are excited about, and play a role in its growth.

    • Do Your Homework

      Invest in a vertical you’re passionate about and a team you trust. Learn everything you need to know about an offering in one place.

    • Invest

      Invest in minutes through a simple investment process that happens online on our secure and compliant platform.

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      Keep up to date on the company's progress. Contribute to the company's success by evangelizing their fundraising far and wide.

Why FlashFunders

  • Access to Innovative Companies and Tools to Vet Them

    Offerings in Your Inbox

    Get direct access to the latest offerings from across all verticals directly to your email inbox.

    Easy Online Pitch Viewing

    Vet companies online with simple tools that enable you to learn about the product, browse financials, get direct answers in the comments section, and keep track in who’s participating with our investor ticker.

  • Simple Investing and Performance Monitoring

    Streamlined Investment Flow

    Invest in less than 10 minutes with our streamlined investment flow managed by our broker dealer and funding portal. Based on the size of your investment and a simple disclosure process about your net worth and income, we can calculate your annual investment limits and your shareholder rights automatically.

    Investor Dashboard

    Our investment dashboard interface tells you when your investment has cleared, the status of the round, and how much money the company has raised. Once the round closes, you’ll receive any updates and messages through the dashboard.

  • Online Private Investing

    Security and Compliance

    Your information is always secure and our investment deals are designed in consideration of all securities laws. Securities lawyers and investment professionals that work with our broker dealer and funding portal perform background checks on companies and their teams.

    Transparent Terms for Investors

    All companies fundraising on FlashFunders set their own investment terms according to their offering. All investors in a FlashFunders offering purchase the same securities, and have the same access to investment opportunities as institutional investors.

Frequently Asked Questions

    • What are the risks and rewards of investing in early-stage companies?

    • When you make an investment in an early-stage venture involving equity, you own a piece of that company until it makes an 'exit'. Getting purchased by another company, selling shares on a public stock market (known as an...

    • How much may I legally invest on FlashFunders?

    • FlashFunders follows SEC rules in determining how much investors can invest in each offering.

      The SEC defines individuals who make over $200,000 ($300,000 jointly with spouse or spousal equivalent), or have a net worth over $1...

    • Why is there a difference between Reg A+, Reg CF and Reg D investors?

    • Before the Jumpstart Our Business companies (JOBS) Act of 2012, private companies who wanted to raise capital had to solicit investments via private channels. The JOBS Act quickly allowed privately held companies to solicit...

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